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Terraplan  Associates (KZN) is a Low Income Housing Implementing Agency and Town  and  Regional  Planning and Urban Development Consultancy  with well-established  offices in  Durban and East London. We also have associate offices in Cape Town, Kempton Park and Neslpruit. 

The Firm believes that the Reconstruction and Development Programme will forever change the lives of all South Africans, especially disadvantaged communities.  Services  are  therefore  aimed  at  facilitating  the  development of viable  communities  and  ensuring  that development  goes  beyond  mere technical  intervention  but  becomes  community  driven  and  sustained through  the  building  of  community  capacity.


2016 Govan Mbeki Best Implementing Agent Award
2017 Govan Mbeki Best Implementing Agent Award
2018 Govan Mbeki Best Implementing Agent Award

1st Runner Up

1st Runner Up

1st Runner Up


Terraplan Associates (KZN) has a Project Management division dealing with Low Income Housing Projects and Implementation. The staff compliment of this division comprises 3 Project Managers, 2 Community Liaison Officers and 3 Subsidy Administration Officers exclusive of other support and developmental personnel. Terraplan Associates (KZN) has also at its disposal the services of 2 Professional Planners, 1 Technical Planner and 3 CAD/GIS Technicians/Operators, exclusive of other support and developmental personnel.

Services provided by Terraplan Associates  are  especially  aimed  to  suit  the needs  of  our  clients  and/or  disadvantaged  communities  in  the implementation  of  projects. We continuously strive to provide new solutions and adopt and improve the means and methods of delivery to best meet the challenges of our society.  It is  a  well  known  fact  that  proper  planning  of any  development  demands an  extensive  multi-disciplined  approach.  The essential co-ordination of these disciplines by Terraplan Associates therefore guarantees practical, cost beneficial and successful implementation of projects undertaken.