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Our range of services provided by our professionals to ensure the successful completion of each project

Services  provided by Terraplan Associates  are  especially  aimed  to  suit  the needs  of  our  clients  and/or  disadvantaged  communities  in  the implementation  of  projects. We continuously strive to provide new solutions and adopt and improve the means and methods of delivery to best meet the challenges of our society.  It is  a  well  known  fact  that  proper  planning  of any  development  demands an  extensive  multi-disciplined  approach.  The essential co-ordination of these disciplines by Terraplan Associates therefore guarantees practical, cost beneficial and successful implementation of projects undertaken.

The  Partners and Senior  Management of Terraplan  Associates  have extensive  appropriate  experience and specialized knowledge in multi-disciplined roles related to all aspects of Town and Regional Planning, Community Development, Rural and Urban Development.

This includes inter-alia the following fields/disciplines:

• Housing Subsidy Funding Applications, Project Evaluation, Project Management and Project Implementation

• Township Establishment, including and specialising in township establishment aimed at Lower Income Communities

• Settlement Planning of Rural Housing Projects

• Feasibility studies for township establishment, commercial and industrial developments and the development of public garages

• Urban Development and Integrated Development plans

• Detailed Township Layouts

• Urban Design

• Town Planning Scheme amendments, consent uses, subdivisions, etc.

• Revision of Town Planning Schemes

• Rural development

• Cemetery Layout Planning

• Social Facilitation

• Township and Tenure Upgrading

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Terraplan Associates KZN